Outlaw's ULTIMATE Beard Showdown is here! Cast your votes!

Welcome to the wildest event of No Shave November – Outlaw’s Ultimate Beard Showdown! We’ve lined up a stellar cast of famous faces and their fabulous facial fuzz, and it’s up to YOU to decide which beard takes the crown. Are you ready for this bearded brawl?

🏆 Round 1 WINNERS!  🏆

Wednesday, Nov 1st
  • 🏆 Ryan "Rugged Charm" Gosling Vs. Drake "Smooth Operator"
  • 🏆 Jake "Jawline Juggernaut" Gyllenhaal Vs. Pedro "Pristine Perfection" Pascal
  • 🏆 Donald "Dashing Dapper" Glover Vs. Matthew "Majestic Mane" McConaughey

Which means, it's time to vote on Round 2 to see who will face off with our Round 1 champions!

Cast your votes for Round 2 now!

  • Oscar "Alpha Beard" Isaac Vs. Cole "Chin Charmer" Hauser
  • Dev "Distinguished Dream" Patel Vs. Idris "Impeccable Stubble" Elba
  • Keanu "Kingly Whiskers" Reeves Vs. Jason "Jaw-Dropping" Momoa

🌟 And the Winner Takes All... 🌟 The champions of each round will go whisker to whisker in the ultimate beard showdown, leading up to the final bracket on Tuesday, Nov 21st. Who will be crowned the Best Beard Of All Time (B.B.O.A.T)? We'll be updating this page with results AS THEY HAPPEN, so stay tuned to see what happens!

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