Collection: From Nevada, With Love!

Welcome to Outlaw, where the spirit of Nevada is infused into every scent we craft. Our scents are not just an ode to the Wild West, but also a tribute to the rugged beauty and adventure to be found in this beautiful state we call home!

We take inspiration from our surroundings (as anyone does!). And Sparks, Nevada is a MIGHTY fine muse. From the arid expanse of the Black Rock Desert, whispering with the sagebrush's earthy aroma, to the serene heights of Mount Rose, where the crisp scent of pine and cool mountain air reign supreme, we want to bottle the feelings that these places evoke and bring 'em right to your nose!

Whether you're a local looking to carry a piece of home wherever you go or a visitor wanting to take a part of Nevada's charm with you, this collection is your good smellin' link to the heart of our community.