Cologne Samplers for Men and Women

Want to try Outlaw's Cologne but aren't sure you're ready to commit to a full size without trying it out on your skin?

We know cologne is a personal thing, and different cologne wears differently on different people, so not only do we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we also have a couple cologne samplers for you to try!

If you're interested in our traditional spray cologne, we have this spray cologne sampler.

If you're interested in our solid cologne (which is a wax-based hard cologne balm), we have this solid cologne sampler.

Either of these options will give you the opportunity to try out the scents on your skin before you get the full size!

How long do our colognes last?

When thinking about a $24 solid cologne or a $70 spray cologne, you might be wondering how long one of those will last you.

We're happy to report that you'll get months and months of enjoyment from these fine colognes!

Personally, with daily use of my solid cologne, one little one-ounce tin lasts about three months. MONTHS! And I use it for everything from cologne to cuticle cream to pomade (in a pinch). It's really versatile stuff.

Side note: In fact, I used the solid cologne's larger and weaker-scented cousin, the hand balms (no longer available) to waterproof my fancy boots when I had to galosh around in the mud!

Spray cologne, I really can't tell you... not because I don't use 'em, but because I am still working on the spray cologne that Russ made me custom about two years ago! I don't use it every day -- usually just when I need a special boost, or when I am camping out in my trailer and I want to feel extra fancy special.

Any Outlaws want to share how many months a bottle of solid cologne lasts?

I feel like this is a "how deep is the ocean?" kind of question.

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