| by Danielle Vincent

Blazing Saddles Western Handmade Soap and Lotion: The scent soundtrack to your cowboy adventure

Blazing Saddles, our ultimate cowboy scent (leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush), is hands down our most popular scent. Why? It's a surprisingly deep and complex arrangement of olfactory delights, which evoke a lone cowboy walking into town, carrying his saddle, smelling of a recent gunfight.

It's the scent of the Western.

This may sound cheesy, but the soaps have a scent to them that helps me imagine myself as a cowboy in this modern world. It has definitely given me a confidence boost wherever I go. And all it takes is for the breeze to pick up, then it's nothing but long strides and my chin scraping the sky. — G.

We know just what you mean, G. And that's why we made a subscription of our best selling soap and lotion. Every month, you get two bars of our high quality handmade soap, and one bottle of our incredibly rich and wonderful lotion (not sticky! not greasy! absorbs quickly for maximum happiness!).

Love Blazing Saddles? Double down, with our double down subscription!


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