Feel the Wind, Smell the Adventure: Outlawtoberfest's Sturgis Spotlight!

Celebrate our "stop" in Sturgis with our AWESOME merch and with 10% off all Rugged Rider products!

The roar of engines. The lure of open roads. The camaraderie of kindred spirits. As our Outlawtoberfest Tour powers on, we've rolled into Sturgis, South Dakota, and folks, the vibes here are nothing short of legendary.

Sturgis, renowned for its Motorcycle Rally, is more than just a week of two-wheeled revelry. It’s a year-round testament to the power of freedom, the thrill of the journey, and the bonds formed along the way. It's a place where Main Street might be bustling with bikers one day and be a serene backdrop to South Dakota’s sprawling landscapes the next.

The Black Hills, with their dense forests and winding roads, beckon riders and adventurers from all walks of life. It’s a call to the wild, a challenge to explore, and an invitation to embrace the untamed. And if there's one thing we know at Outlaw, it's the allure of the wild.

In the spirit of Sturgis, we’re shining a spotlight on our Rugged Rider scent. It’s a fragrance that captures the essence of a life lived full throttle. With musk setting the tone, worn leather following suit, and sandalwood rounding it off, Rugged Rider isn't just a scent – it's an experience. It’s the dawn breaking as you ride east, the worn leather jacket that's seen a thousand miles, and the comforting campfires under the vast South Dakota skies.

We often say that our scents are inspired by the adventures we seek, and Rugged Rider is the embodiment of the Sturgis spirit. The freedom, the adventure, and the sheer unpredictability of the road ahead.

As our Outlawtoberfest Tour continues, we invite you to join us in celebrating Sturgis, a town that truly understands the Outlaw spirit. Whether you’re a seasoned biker, a road trip enthusiast, or someone who simply loves a good story, Sturgis has a tale for you.

So, grab your bottle of Rugged Rider, and let's share stories, make memories, and honor the legacy of the open road. After all, life's an adventure, and in the words of an Outlaw: "Why just exist when you can live?"

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