Outlawtoberfest in Cheyenne: Where the Rodeo Meets Serene Nature

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For our next stop on our Outlawtoberfest Tour, we’re diving into Cheyenne, Wyoming – no cowboy hats or boots required, but definitely welcomed and recommended!

First things first. When someone says "Cheyenne," what pops into your head? Rodeos? Yes, sure. But have you heard of Cheyenne Frontier Days? Oh, buddy, it's not just some rodeo—it's THE rodeo. Imagine the Olympics but for cowboy stuff! It's ten days of "Hold my beer and watch this!" level stunts, and trust us, it’s AWESOME.

The exhilaration of the rodeo might be the talk of the town during those wild Frontier Days, but there's a serene, carefree side to Cheyenne that's just as captivating. Take Vedauwoo's nature-crafted sculptures, a testament to the ages and a playground for those seeking a touch of wildness. Or the Curt Gowdy State Park, where the calm waters reflect the lush landscapes, whispering tales of adventures waiting just around the bend.

Every part of Cheyenne seems to echo the comforting notes of our Home on the Range scent. The joy of hand-plucking late-season blackberries is reminiscent of that impromptu hike to find the juiciest berry patch. The whiff of fresh laundry? It takes you right back to a lazy Cheyenne afternoon, where time seems to slow, and all that matters is the here and now. We've bottled up that Cheyenne vibe and subtracted any bull (literally and figuratively).

In essence, Cheyenne isn't just a visit; it's an experience. It's where every moment feels like a comforting 'welcome home', echoing the very spirit of our Home on the Range. And us Outlaws feel riiiiight at home in the Cowboy State.

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