No Shave November: Beard Veterans, We Need YOUR Wisdom!

November is right around the corner and for many, that means one thing: No Shave November! As the leaves fall and the temperatures dip, many brave souls will toss their razors to the wind (not literally, that's dangerous) and let their facial fuzz flourish. It's a journey of growth, in more ways than one. Not only does it raise cancer awareness, but it's also an awesome excuse to experiment with some new facial styles.

But let's beard honest, those first days can be... well, itchier than a wool sweater in a heatwave. If you're new to the beard game, you might be wondering how to fend off the itch, avoid beardruff, or simply not look like you've glued a hamster to your chin.

That's where our bearded legends come in!

Share Your Beardly Wisdom!

Remember the early days of your beardom? The pride? The itch? The occasional “Is that a beard or did you just forget to wash your face?” comment? We'd love to hear your top techniques on joining the upper echelon of legendary beardliness. 

  • How did you soothe that initial itch?
  • What's your daily beard care routine?
  • Any secret beard potions (like our Outlaw Beard Oils) you swear by?
  • Did you face any beard-growing challenges? How did you overcome them?

Our Beard-Tastic Initiative for No Shave November

Here at Outlaw, we're not just cheering for your beard's growth spurt; we're on a mission. For every beard oil we sell in November, we'll contribute to No Shave November's cause, aiming to donate $1000 if we sell 500 beard oils. Why? Because beards deserve love, and so does the No Shave November movement - we've spoken a bit about cancer awareness in our most recent post, in fact.

So, whether you're a bearded guru or a soon-to-be fuzzy-faced rookie, remember: every beard has its day. Let's unite, swap stories, and make this No Shave November a month to remember!

We'd love to see you pour out your beard tales and tips in the comments.

And we look forward to seeing yer whiskers (new and old!) next month!

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