Cursed Cowboy clove and campfire scented cologne

In love with the smolderingly spicy clove & campfire scent of the Cursed Cowboy (and who wouldn't be?)? This seductive and sweet yet devilishly spicy, clove and campfire cologne is something special.

In celebration of this unique scent, we made a special LIMITED batch of Cursed Cowboy goods:
🔥 LIMITED batch of Cursed Cowboy body wash
🔥 LIMITED long sleeve black shirt (available through October 31)
🔥 LIMITED long sleeve red shirt (available through October 31)
🔥 The Cursed Cowboy Mug

In anticipation of some new scents on the horizon (as well as our recently-launched Life on the Mountain scent), starting on November 30, we'll be putting Cursed Cowboy on hiatus until September of 2023.

Watch the blog and the newsletter for news about our new scents and products coming in the next few months!

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Please bring cursed cowboy cologne back. I am so unhappy that it’s gone 😫 😞 😢 😩 😭