Outlaw Celebrates Clare Marie Hodges: The First Woman Ranger in the National Park Service
At Outlaw we have several women working, and our founder CEO is a woman herself, so we were so excited when Women's History Month 2021 came around so we could talk a bit about the women who have shaped the west.

Clare Marie Hodges is most notably the First Woman Ranger in the National Park Service. She was able to take her post as a result of ranger shortages during World War 1.

She was hired on temporarily and worked the summer in the park. She rode on mounted patrol overnight between Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite Park headquarters delivering gate entry receipts.

She was told by her fellow park rangers to carry a gun to protect herself from animals and potential attackers, but she declined. She also confused some people who didn’t understand why a woman had a badge like a Park Ranger.

She was a trailblazer and opened more opportunities to women in the Wild West. Let’s celebrate Clare Marie Hodges and all of the women who helped settle the Wild West.

We believe this Outlaw would love our Calamity Jane, Lust in the Dust, and most definitely The Badlands.

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