Dive into Seattle's Wild Side with Mountain Hideout!

Our next stop on our Outlawtoberfest Tour is somewhere near and dear to our hearts...Seattle, Washington!

Envision this: Mountains so tall, it's as if they're trying to nab the sun. Evergreens that probably use organic shampoo because, well, they're that lush. Smelling the air in Washington is like diving nose-first into our 'Life on the Mountain' scent. A little pine, a sprinkle of fresh air, and a dash of... is that artisanal doughnut?

Zooming into Seattle's heart, we've got the Space Needle, popping up in the skyline like that one ambitious sprout in a chia pet. It's not just a tower; it's the unofficial lighthouse for all the city’s creative souls and caffeine enthusiasts.

Seattle's streets? They’re like the playlist of an indie music lover – each corner a new song, filled with vintage shops and tattoo parlors that double as vegan cafés (probably).

But beyond its stylishly bespectacled urban charm, Seattle is the gateway to wild, wild (North)West adventures. Want to climb a mountain before brunch? Fancy a forest stroll a stone's throw away from a tech hub? Seattle's like, "Why not both?" It’s a place where you can kayak past skyscrapers at sunset or debate the best method for brewing coffee on a misty mountain morning.

So, for all those who love a dash of quirk with their fresh air, Seattle's your jam. Embrace the unique blend of urban cool and nature’s splendor with our Life on the Mountain and Mountain Hideout scents. They’re a lot like Seattle - unexpected, full of character, and filled to the brim with the fresh scent of pine trees.

In the end, whether you’re a city slicker, a nature lover, or someone who simply can't resist a good artisanal toast, Seattle has a piece for everyone. 🌲🏙️☕️

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