Calamity Jane soap, cologne, lotion for men and women

"Ok so... I tried your Calamity Jane lotion. I am hooked on the scent. I have just ordered the body wash and the solid perfume. It is almost addicting. Wait...maybe I am already addicted and in denial! Seriously though I can't seem to get enough of this scent. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working!" - Gab W

YES INDEED, Gab! On my business card, it even says "WANTED for the peddling of highly addictive sundries."

And you've got the evidence right there! Guilty as charged!

We should put a warning label on Calamity Jane lotion, because it's a gateway drug to Calamity Jane body wash and Calamity Jane solid perfume.

Thank you so much for your kind comment! I love reading this, especially when I'm on the road (as I am this week!).

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Ate these products more intended towards masculine inclined individuals?

Donnell patten

I just ordered the Calamity Jane body lotion. Omgosh, it is an amazing scent. Got one for my bestie(since high school, 50 years now). We love the container it came in but we’re wondering if you will have refills for the lotion. Seem like environmentally speaking, it might be a good idea. If this has already been addressed, sorry. Love this item and will be ordering more.

Kelly English

Do you have a patchouli woodsy scent?

Alison Butler

I look forward to purchasing something in Calamaity Jane. Will have surgery on Monday and can’t think about much more right now but you guys are the need knees and I’m happy that I stopped by your page. The sort of business that I like to support.