Milled Soap Is Imminent! $5 for a bar of Outlaw? Heck yeah!

JUST THIS MORNING, I talked with the delivery company who will be bringing us TWO PALLETS OF MILLED SOAP!

What does this mean for YOU?

It means that we're going to have a near-infinite supply of your favorite Outlaw soap scents (as long as your favorite is Blazing Saddles, Fire in the Hole, or The Gambler)! And it'll be longer-lasting and less expensive (because it doesn't require all that painstaking handcrafting).

Quick Stats:

Price: $5/bar
eight: 4.2 oz.
vegetable soap base, glycerine, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, fragrance

Oh, the benefits of milled soap!

It's quick! It's infinite!

Since milled soap does not have to cure for 30 days (did you know that up to this point, all our soap has to cure for 30 days? well, now you do!), we can turn it around much faster than handmade, cold process soap. We really just have to place an order with our milled soap folks, wait a few weeks, and voila... SOAP!

Our milled soap is coming pre-wrapped and stamped with a big ol' all-caps "OUTLAW" (in case you forgot the good-for-nuthin', low down rascals you're bathing with).

It's like MAGIC!

How long will the bars last?

An often-asked question is how to make handmade soap last as long as possible. It's true, our handmade soap does tend to deteriorate faster than regular milled soap. It's because our handmade soap is made with soft oils (I'm lookin' at you, avocado oil...). This means the bars are moisturizing, but require some extra care (which is covered, including a stop motion movie I made, in this blog post).

Our milled soap is also made with high-quality natural ingredients (vegetable soap base, glycerine, shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, fragrance) and will also not last as long as detergent-based bars you might get for a buck at the dollar store... but it'll last longer than our handmade soap.

Depending on your use and your body hair (which has a lot to do with longevity, in case you're wondering), a bar should last you between two weeks and a month.

However, you should still keep your milled soap out of standing water as best you can.

Side note: We recently moved to a new house, and this new house has a little built-in shower ledge for soap. However, this shower ledge is in the wall of the shower, and is directly in the shower stream, and is molded in such a way as to have a little pool of water at the bottom. It's funny to me (as the co-owner of a handmade soap company) how I totally forgot my handmade soap training and left my little bar to melt to mush in the standing water. OOPS!

Are there drawbacks of milled soap?

Yes, actually, there are. The scents will probably not be as strong as our handmade soap. I just want to prepare you for that likelihood right now. If you want the full and immersive Outlaw experience, you might want to stick with the handmade soaps.

It also may not be as moisturizing as our handmade soap... but reports of this have been mixed, so your mileage may vary.

One oft-appreciated benefit of our handmade soap is the frothy, joyful, expansive lather, which is also slick enough to shave with. We don't often talk about the in-depth chemical properties of our products, but we designed our handmade soap to have a certain kind of lather, moisturizingness, and hardness based on what kinds and quantities of oils we use.

Our milled soap indeed does have a very fine lather, but it isn't quite as specifically engineered as our handmade soap. But it's really great, otherwise, we wouldn't be selling it! It falls under our 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

However, those drawbacks don't really outweigh the HUGE benefits:

  1. Same AMAZING Outlaw scents you love
  2. A very sexy price point (assuming you find lower price arousing... I don't know what you're into and it's kind of none of my business)
  3. Long-lasting and lathery

When can you buy it?

OK, now we're down to the good stuff... kind of.

The answer is, "I don't know."

It depends on when the soap itself arrives.

So... stay tuned to this here blog for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT... coming soon!

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