Fulfilled in Fulfillment

It has been one whole month since I walked through the doors of Outlaw Soaps, and I wanted to sit a spell and reflect on my bountiful good fortune with you fine folks.

You have no idea how much I love this job… and these products… and our team! During my interview I was instantly taken’ aback at the sheer amount of organization, creativity, and care that is put into runnin’ this operation and creatin’ these wondrous sundries.

On that fine Monday morn, they brought me into the fulfillment room to conduct a working interview and proceeded to show me how orders are processed and fulfilled for shipment. Then they allowed me to walk through the whole process myself. What?!

Listen, I was hooked. I’m a self-proclaimed efficiency enthusiast and detail devotee - these are the things that make my heart beat - and man, they are alive and well in the fulfillment room. Look Ma, look Pa! I found me a job that celebrates my perfectionism -YEE HAW!

I’m tellin’ you folks, this company is owned and operated by some of the finest humans you could ever meet. I am excited to get up and get my bones to work each day and fill YOUR orders! Watching a stack of 300 orders go from a pile of paper, to a room full of sweet smellin’ products, to boxes labeled and out-the-door is one of the most fulfilling jobs I have ever had. Not to mention, I feel like a little piece of my heart (along with the tiny rubber chicken) is traveling with our Outlaws direct to you, into your homes and hearts, all over the world! (And now that we are gift-wrapping for the holidays, I feel like an elf in Santa’s workshop!!!)

Thank you for loving our soaps, colognes, and all the things. Seriously. You make us tick and we love you for it. As fer my favorites? Calamity was my first love but Mountain Hideout… I’m tellin’ ya’, when I inhale Mountain, I can feel it in my soul. Every. Time.

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