Last Call: "Burning Daylight" Cologne Captures the Solar Eclipse

With the solar eclipse on April 8 approaching, Outlaw presents "Burning Daylight," a scent that encapsulates the serene beauty of this celestial event. This week marks the final opportunity to experience a fragrance designed to harmonize with the universe's rhythms, available until April 2 or until our limited stock, including a collector's enamel pin, runs out.

The Essence of a Celestial Phenomenon

"Burning Daylight" Cologne weaves the scents of cedar, amber, and musk into a narrative as captivating as the eclipse itself. Each note in this cologne contributes to a unique sensory story:

Cedar offers a comforting, woody warmth, grounding you in nature's embrace as the eclipse casts its shadow.

Amber infuses the heart of the scent with a sweet, golden radiance, echoing the surreal lighting of the eclipsed sun.

Musk rounds out the journey with its deep, resonant presence, connecting the fleeting moment of the eclipse to the eternal cycle of day into night.

This 100 ml cologne is a tribute to the ephemeral beauty of the eclipse, crafted for those who seek to carry the essence of this rare event with them. Outlaw scents are designed to be skin-safe and long-lasting, creating an impression that is personal and intimate, without overwhelming.

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