Outlaw soap of the month scent

You voted and we made 'em

I've been amazed and delighted at the wisdom and guidance of our Outlaws. For the past few months, you've been voting on our scents of the month (and doing a darn fine job of it too, I might add!).

This month brings two perfect mid-summer scents: one to inspire your wilder side, and one to bring happiness and freshness into your morning.

If you're not subscribed, now's the ideal time to do it! You can build your own subscription here.

Wild Side: Soap that smells like cedar, campfire, pine, and sagebrush

A rough and rustic scent that inspires a great love of the Outdoors. To me, this is what Reno smells like (once you get out of the casinos and nonsense).

Daydream: Soap that smells like orange, clove, fresh cut grass, french lavender, grapefruit, and bergamot

The absolute perfect July scent. It's a bright and fresh scent that's both sweet and grassy.

Can you buy the over-runs of the Soaps of the Month?

We get this question a lot, since the limited edition scents are both amazing and popular! We will be making the over-runs available to people who subscribe... so if you're a subscriber and you want more of a particular scent, watch your email!

The only exception is the Spring Life on the Mountain, since we're 100% out. (and this is part of a bigger project, so it'll be coming back)

For everyone else... even more reason to subscribe!

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Miriam L Berry

Really looking forward to trying Daydream!!! I hope this one will be available again, it sounds like one I’m going to love!

Michelle McCabe

I just placed a large order last week & subscription to the soaps of the month I’m so looking forward to getting my order, still watching my email for when it hits the road….