Are handmade soaps good for skin?

Almost all handmade soaps are good for your skin because they contain natural oils which have skin moisturizing and cleansing properties. We can't claim a monopoly on the benefits of handmade soap!

How are Outlaw handmade soaps good for your skin?

Outlaw handmade soaps are unique because we use a proprietary blend of coconut, avocado, olive, and castor oils to create natural soaps that are both good for skin and delightful to use.

I wrote about the special properties of coconut oil and avocado oil here,
and I wrote about the special properties of olive oil and castor oil here.

The oils we use are non-comedogenic (meaning they won't clog pores) and wash away clean (meaning no filmy or slimy residue). Our special soap ingredients create boisterous suds and a stable lather, meaning our natural soaps are great for many uses (we even use them shaving and we've heard they make a great beard wash).

When we created the recipe for Outlaw soap, we knew that our incredible Outlaw scents would set us apart... but we wanted it to go further than a unique scent line-up. We set out to create the best handmade soap for men and women alike!

This meant we needed to pick soap ingredients that were natural and ethically sourced, as well as being really good for a variety of skin types (from oily to dry, Outlaw loves 'em all!) AND a variety of uses (because we believe the fewer shower items cluttering the caddy, the better).

How did we do? Do you love Outlaw handmade soap?

If you want to try a lot of different scents, try the Soap of the Month subscription.

If you'd like to try our 8 best selling scents, try our Handmade Soap Sampler (if you're new to Outlaw, be sure and read the scent descriptions, because our scents aren't traditional handmade soap scents... they're more like leather and whiskey and campfire).

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Do you have sample packets? I really want to try some but don’t want to spend money on something I couldn’t wear.