Blazing Saddles natural body lotion by Outlaw

Our state of Nevada just entered another four weeks of lock-down, where non-essential businesses close, and the rest of us know what it's like to drive our commute with 80% fewer cars on the road.

It was handy to get a formal description of "essential" vs "non-essential," since that had not been formally indicated, aside from "guidance" on the subject.

You'll be happy to hear that Outlaw will still be crankin' out your favorite sundries for the foreseeable future, because of these two handy clauses:

(d) Retailers that sell food items and other household consumer products for cleaning and personal care to promote safety, sanitation and essential operations of households

(e) Businesses that ship or deliver goods directly to residences

However, just because we're an essential business doesn't mean we're slouching on the safety requirements. We all have a very enthusiastic handwashing game, and regularly sanitize any surface where people touch.

Thank you SO MUCH for your kind notes, photos (the chicken dioramas are especially appreciated), and especially thanks for continuing to patronize our little soap rodeo.

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