I don't know what to say

Really, I am so overcome that I have been rendered speechless.

So much so, in fact, that I haven't posted about this until now, just because I haven't known what to say.

But sometimes not knowing what to say means it's just best to say what's in my heart and on my mind... so here goes.

We received this certificate, card, and magnet a few months ago. I have been carrying it around with me since it came, since I've been trying to figure out how to capture how I really feel about getting it... and finally, I handed it off to Howard, our Operations Manager, to have framed, so I have to say something.

In all my years, knowing all the people I have known, I struggle to think of a gift that has so touched me. We read it at our team meeting when it arrived, and I cried. Amy, whose husband was in the Air Force, gave us some context about this certificate during the meeting.

When we started this business, we didn't realize we would make such great friends with our customers, but, I mean, look at this:

Air Force certificate of appreciation

I don't know how we could have done anything so great as to deserve this.

And honestly, it's amazing to me. I feel so honored to know our customers. Our customers are TRULY OUTSTANDING, and the relationship we have built is the most rewarding part of this business to me, and to our team.

From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of all of us here, thank you, Yankee 3. There just aren't words for how incredible this is.


I'm not crying! I have some dust in my eye and someone around here must be cutting onions and also it is raining outside.


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