A new dawn of the Outlaw Journal

For those of you who have been with us over the past year, you have gotten to know us better as people and as a company, mostly thanks to this here blog.

If you're not sure who the Voice of Outlaw has been, in general, it's me, Danielle, the co-founder and CEO. This isn't because I want to hog all the limelight, it's because while I'm over here tapping on some keyboards, the rest of the team is out there doing all heavy lifting (literally and figuratively).

And, as you my have been able to tell from the last, oh, forever, I love writing about our business, our upcoming products, our team, and our company. So I'll continue to do that as long as y'all keep enjoying what I share with you.

We're also trying to create more content that'll be of interest to you, as our Outlaw Gang... I'm an avid reader of personal improvement, and I'll be pulling out select concepts from my work on such personal improvement to share with you here, since I think it's generally interesting and worth reflecting upon.

I'm bringing on a couple writers who have been working with us in the past --  specifically Glenda, who writes all those great product posts for our Facebook and Instagrams, and Jason, who wrote most of the product descriptions and has done quite a lot of work for us in the more distant past. They're both excellent writers who've been aching to get workin' on the meatier posts of our Journal.

Finally, and probably MOST IMPORTANTLY, I'll be asking for YOU to share who you are. Tomorrow, I'll post an interview form where you can share select facts about you yourself and you. And as a quite significant bribe for your participation in our gang, you'll get one of our not-yet-available-to-the-public Outlaw shirts in the size of your choosing, plus 500 Outlaw Gold points to use for future loot.

As always, we couldn't have this little wild corner of the internet without you, so thank you so much for being a part of this gang.

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