Hey Sparks! There are some new Outlaws in town!

WE DID IT! We got the keys to the new space in Sparks, Nevada! This is a photo of me working using our BRAND NEW INTERNET installed by -- I kid you not -- a very nice guy named Flash. I mean, who better to install lightning-fast internet than Flash?

As you know by now (maybe), we had no power for most of October, so one of my first questions to Flash was, "So, does the power go out? Is the infrastructure pretty solid?" And to my surprise, the answer was, "Oh yeah, I guess it goes out sometimes."


So I pressed for details. Turns out, he was talking about if some hits a power pole or something. Not, like, as a seasonal course of fire prevention. PHEW.

From all of us at Outlaw to you, wherever you are... Happy new decade! We hope it will literally and figuratively be a powerful year for all!


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