Danielle and Russ Vincent of Outlaw

My friend called me out of the blue this afternoon, just to wish me a happy new year.

2019 (and 2018) had been rough (fuck cancer*) for him, and we were talking about how I felt like he had dealt with his cancer with such incredible grace. "You really showed up. You showed up for your fight, and you showed up to win."

He said it was interesting that I used those words, because it was something he had been reflecting on, too. He did show up. He showed up, he did the treatments, he changed his diets... and even through all that, he lost his voice, he kept getting repeated infections in his throat, One. 👊 Thing.👊 After. 👊 Another. 👊 With. 👊 This. 👊 Fucking. 👊 Cancer. 👊

Punch, punch, punch, that cancer was kicking his ass.

And he beat it.

He's done. The cancer's gone.

He beat it by showing up.

And we were talking about Outlaw, because, real talk: Things are scary. We just moved into a HUGE space and are making MAJOR business changes.

We are SHOWING UP. I've got my fire extinguisher and my hip-waders on, so come Hell or high water, we're doin' it.

One thing I really, truly love about Outlaws (our customers, specifically) is that you SHOW UP.

You do stuff that takes courage and integrity. And that isn't easy.

Lots of people choose not to show up, but you're not them.

And being supported by you and your showing-upness makes it easier for us to show up. That's what it means to be part of this gang... we all show up.

Charging into the unknown future

Another friend posted this as part of a bigger post about entrepreneurship:

“Don’t let your fear of an unknown future keep you stuck in a dissatisfying present.”

This year, we're taking a lot of big leaps, and that means we have to charge into an unknown future. And yeah, it's SCARY.

But like I said, it's a lot less scarier since we're all in this together.

Thanks for being part of the SHOW-UP GANG.


* Those of you who have received our new customer emails know what I'm talking about.

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