Back in stock: Fire in the Hole Campfire Soap

We're happy to announce that Fire in the Hole Campfire Bar Soap is back in stock after several weeks of being out of stock!

This kaboom-inspired handmade bar soap is sure to ignite your day. If you haven't tried it, you definitely should!

There are some things you might be interested to know...

  1. It was inspired by camping in the desert. Read about how our desert camping trips inspired our campfire soap.
  2. I made it one weekend when I had to stay home from a fun camping trip to make soap. Read about the weekend I lost to Fire in the Hole.
  3. Handmade soap doesn't last long if you leave it in a place without adequate air flow. I made a stop motion animation video about how to make handmade soap last.
  4. Why can't we just spin up a new batch of handmade soap when we run out of stock? It's because handmade soap takes 30 days to cure. Read about the ingredients and process behind our handmade soap.

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