From raw oil to your mailbox: how we make our handmade soap from scratch

This is us:

The Outlaw Soaps Team

But we don't always look like such rockstars. Most of the time, we're doing our jobs, not walking down the railroad tracks (and subsequently getting kicked off for trespassing, but that's neither here nor there).

Russ makes every bar of soap by hand from scratch. Here he is getting oil from large 420 lb drums:

In the early days, we would get oil by the gallon! That seems like so long ago.

He mixes up the ingredients from scratch:

Then he pours the liquid soap into molds:

The soap sits in the mold for 24 - 48 hours and solidifies, at which point, Katie opens up the molds and cuts and racks the soap:

It then sits for a whole month to cure, which evaporates the excess water (making a harder bar), and completing the saponification (or soapmaking) process:

After a month goes by, Katie stamps the boxes with the original pour date (for batch control) and stacks them in our inventory room.

And then -- HOORAY! -- you order the soap, and Ruth pulls it from the shelf:

Then she prints the postage, takes it to the post office, and the post office gets it to you in a couple days! Isn't that amazing? That whole process takes about a month and a half.

Our soaps don't really have a shelf life, but we recommend you use them within a year of purchase.

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Judy Ciampa

I love your soaps. Fire in the hole is mine and my family’s favorite.
Worth every penny I paid.