By request: Mystery scent shaving soap

Folks request shaving soap all the darn time, and we just haven't been able to do it.

So when we announced that we WERE GOING TO TRY AGAIN and make a limited run of shaving soap, people were jubilant.

"HOORAY! SHAVING SOAP!" the crowds cheered.

And we agreed: Shaving soap, at least in concept, is hooray-worthy.

However, when our shaving soap came off the rack, we were so disappointed: it smelled like nothing at all. And if we know you, you really want stuff to smell like it's supposed to smell. (that's kind of why you're here, right?)

It's good shaving soap. It lathers nicely with a fine stable lather. It just doesn't smell like anything.

A few folks said, "Heck, sell it anyways! Even unscented, you Outlaws make some fine stuff, and I bet your shaving soap is darn good." Which, even in our most modest moments, we can agree that we do make good stuff, and it is darn good shaving soap - Guilty as charged.

So here it is: Our Mystery (unscented) Shaving Soap, on sale for just $5/bar, while supplies last!

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