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Fire in the Hole explosively awesome campfire soap: Inspired by friends, whiskey, explosions, and good times

campfire soapThe first attempt at making Fire in the Hole soap came on a weekend in May. I know this very specifically, because I wasn't camping that weekend, and it was our annual May Trip.

We had planned on going camping with friends -- one of those crazy weekends of drinking and shooting and lighting things on fire -- but it was our first year of Outlaw Soaps, and small business ownership being what it is, we couldn't see to drag ourselves away for the day-long drive to meet our friends in an obscure corner of the Mojave.

It was a tough decision, and if you put the lasso of truth around me, I'm not really sure I would have said it was worth it.

But it was one of those decisions all entrepreneurs make when they decide they're serious about a business, so I made it.

So here I was, home making soap when I wanted to be out experimenting with what happens when we, say, cover the safety outlet valves with JB weld and throw a propane canister into the fire (pro tip: I can't advise that you do this, but it does work pretty much exactly as you would expect).

And it was in these circumstances when I decided to find out what would happen if I mixed campfire and gunpowder scents, and this and that, and yeah, even a little dirt scent, because what's camping without a little dirt?

The result, as you (as an Outlaw Soaps blog reader) probably know, was Fire in the Hole Soap.

It turns out, lots of other people like camping with friends enough to wish they could carry that smell with them, and it became our second most popular soap (second to Blazing Saddles, which I wrote about yesterday).

Because the soap was so popular, we decided to follow Fire in the Hole campfire soap with Fire in the Hole Campfire Body Wash (coming soon), Fire in the Hole Campfire Solid Cologne, and their associated gift sets. We even brought the campfire scent into our Magic Beard & Hair Elixir, which smells like campfire and cedar.

You can see the entire camping-inspired collection here.

We hope that Fire in the Hole will help inspire you to get out there and, while maybe not blow things up (we're not Fight Club over here), at least bring that level of inventiveness and enthusiasm to most everything you do.

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