Do we have a free sample program? Is there a way to try before you buy?

We get this question frequently and in many forms, because let's face it: buying scented things online is kind of a risk. And buying scented things that are as unique as Outlaw Soaps is an even bigger risk... I mean, what exactly does an American Hero smell like, anyways?

A few years ago, Google pitched "Google nose" as an April fool's joke:

And until that comes out for real, we expect to continue to experience this challenge.

But we're a tiny little company with tight margins (read more about our margins here), so sending samples is hard to swing from a financial perspective. We're trying to figure out a way to make it work, and we do include samples with every purchase, but we just can't give away something for nothing right now.

So we can't offer free samples.

We can offer you a few options:

  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee: If you buy something and you don't feel like it's your thing, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We'll refund your money or otherwise make it right (sometimes we offer to send a replacement to try) if you don't like it, so your trying it out is totally risk free.
  2. Visit a store that carries Outlaw Soaps and buy from them. We have many incredible stores that carry our product. Find one!
  3. Request that a local store carries Outlaw Soaps and try it when they place an order! We extra super duper appreciate this! You can even leave the name of the store in the comments and we'll follow up with them ourselves!

We appreciate your interest in our little operation and thanks for being interested in trying out our loot!

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