Air Fresheners / Outlaw Scents on the road!

Our friend Jason Lawson submitted this post idea through our friendly form.

If you've been using Outlaw Soaps products for any time, you know that we're peddling some highly addictive sundries with some darn distinctive scents.

Whether you're a rough and wild Blazing Saddles person or a smooth Gambler (or any mix of 'em), you probably want to smell this way all the time, no matter what, regardless of how far from a bathing opportunity you are.

So when Jason asked about air fresheners, we immediately said, "Oh of course!" and started hunting around for a good company who might make this sort of thing.

We're a highly democratic company (American made and all), so when our customers ask for stuff, we always listen. (unless it's a dang fool idea like patchouli rose oil, but we know you better than that... and I think you know us better than that too)

Turns out, custom air fresheners are easy peasy... to design. But once we start asking questions about custom scents, we start getting the side-eye.

But then we also found a bunch of random blog posts about DIY air fresheners, which we hadn't even considered. Technically, air fresheners are just printed and die cut low-density cardboard soaked in fragrance, right? How hard could that be?

So, that's the question we're investigating... early next year.

Our product investigation season is in the beginning of every year, since right now we're gearing up for Christmas (Outlaw Soaps makes great gifts, by the way). But now this is officially on our research list.

Thanks for the tip, Jason!

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