The story of the Clean Getaway Club Soap Subscription Box

With the introduction of our monthly badass body wash subscription service, we figured it might be a good opportunity look back at our many subscription box options.

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This bi-monthly box (that's every other month, not twice per month) costs $25 each, billed automatically, and ships 'roundabout the 1st of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Formed in 2014, The Clean Getaway is by far our longest-running subscription box. Its contents have changed many times over the years as we have come to understand more about business.

In the beginning, it was just a bunch of whatever we found interesting. We included a lot of custom-made products from other makers, which made the profit margins troublingly variable, and it was difficult to predict (and therefore profitably plan) the shipping costs of the boxes.

After that, we made them themed for a year of famous Outlaws. This is where we made custom soaps for folks like Jesse James and Doc Holliday. However, it was time consuming to do the research and make the little informative packets.

And after that, we changed to an Outlaw Scouts (or Scoutlaws, as we liked to call 'em) box, which included a special instructional booklet and an embroidered "skills" badge just like the scouts. As you can imagine, this also came with a pile of variable profit margins and difficulty predicting shipping.

Now, the Clean Getaway Subscription Box is a test platform for new soaps and products we're trying out. We include two special soap scents that you can't get anywhere else, and a new product we're trying out (like a cologne, a t-shirt, a mug, etc). The weight and quality does vary from month to month, so if you get one month and you're disappointed, you might want to stick with us and see if the next box is better aligned with your expectations.

It's not a "value" box - you're not really getting a huge cost savings over our regular bar soaps by buying the Clean Getaway Subscription box. It doesn't come with free shipping or anything like that. We're a tiny company and margins are always tight around here, and free shipping or deep discounts are difficult to swing.

What you do get is new and interesting stuff in a scent profile you enjoy (that's the Outlaw Soaps scent profile, we hope!), plus some other interesting and unpredictable stuff.

Want to give it a try? It's satisfaction guaranteed:

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