Can you use Outlaw products on tattoos?

Our products are natural and don't contain alcohol (with the exception of the spray colognes), so are they ok to use on tattoos?

YEAH! They should be totally great to use on tattoos.

However, I gotta be honest: I haven't personally used them on any of my tattoos, so you'll be happy to know that we're putting these products to the ULTIMATE TEST:

I'm getting a new tattoo, and I'll be using Outlaw products on said tattoo.

Let's talk about putting our money where our mouth is, except for instead of money, it's actually at a place where it has the capacity to be super hurty. And yet, yeah, I'm totally willing to do it because I'm exactly that confident in our products.

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our adventure!

Now, I just gotta decide what tattoo to get!

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Tim Janes

1st time here!
I just bought the Blazing Saddles Cologne!
I can’t wait until it arrives!
I have the perfect Cologne smeller/critic and I’m pretty sure she is going to Love this!