Courage in Tough Times

The times that test us are the times that take courage

At the beginning of These Weird Times, I reflected on how we could remember ourselves at our best, even in lockdown, and that patience to know that the people stuck in the house isn't really who we are, we're just in between things.

A long-time Outlaw left a comment that I reflect on to this day:

"I find that I feel my best during those good times you wrote about. But it's also those times where, periodically, doubt can seep in about whether I'm the best I can be. Ironically, it's times like this where those doubts don't appear at all. It's these times where we get to actually see that we are, in fact, the best we can be. These are the times where we find out if we are the people we think we are. This is where people with the Outlaw spirit stand tall. We are the people that others look to for guidance. When everything and everyone around us seems to be falling apart, we're not. We're not because we know, we got this. Every one of you has the Outlaw spirit. Even thought it may not feel like it right now, every one of you is the best." - Eddie

This comment struck me so profoundly, because I remembered that I think of myself as a bold, adaptable person... and yet I had discounted how bold and adaptable I could be in the most crucial moment of adaptability.

I remembered who I am because of this quote, and it gave me the courage to adapt and grow.

The other day, I was chatting with Shantel (our Customer Satisfaction Manager) about how incredible our customers are (it's a frequent topic of conversation - Hi Bryan!). We were talking about how amazing it is that our customers make us better people, as people... not as customer satisfaction reps or company owners, but as human beings, the connections are so rich and amazing that we are transformed.

It's times like this when the people with the Courage of Outlaws stand strong, both for themselves and for others. I am so grateful to be in the company of such courageous people.


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