Manufacturing Stinks Sometimes

Deodorant pun intended

Over the past couple months, we've been working on some product quality issues with our deodorant: Though our amazing natural deodorant was still as effective as ever, the scent wasn't as strong anymore. This wasn't just a case of COVID-nose, either (which we've been blessed to evade - knock on wood).

Outlaws wrote in asking about their recent deodorants. Yes, they still worked at beating stink, but the usually robust and bold scent of Blazing Saddles was faint at best. Over time, other reports started rolling in... The Gambler was no luckier in the scent gambit. Calamity Jane's rabble wasn't roused when people raised their arms in jubilation. And Fire in the Hole? Almost entirely extinguished.

Of course, with our satisfaction guarantee, all these folks paid nothing for their unscented deodorant. But it isn’t the quality we Outlaws pride ourselves on, so we made the hard decision to stop production on deodorants and focus on the formula.

If you have a scent-free deodorants (that you’re unhappy with), please contact us so we can make it right. Everyone who has a subscription will be getting a note from me (Danielle) on Thursday with a plan B.

Thanks for riding with the Outlaws, even in times of bumpy road!

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