Outlaw's Handmade Natural Soap Samples for Men and Women

The handmade soap samples have been a huge hit, and we're nearly SOLD OUT of these little boxes of wonder!

As the calendar turns over to 2022, we'll be adding the Outlaw's Garage Handmade Pumice Soap samples to the line-up. It's already getting GREAT reviews, so if you haven't tried it, you absolutely SHOULD!

"Rough Enough
I enjoy a nice scrubby soap. Lava brand soap is scrubby, but smells bad. Gojo cherry smells great but is only available in liquid. The beauty one with ground up apricot seeds is too moisturizing - it feels slimy.
I purchased the Outlaw Garage Pumice soap because the description of the scent sounded like my dream soap.
The label clearly stated that this is a hand soap and not a bath soap. But I was anxious to try it......
This is the scrubbiest soap I've ever used. It is great for grimy hands and feet. It's too rough for anything in between. It is perfect.
The smell is as good as I had hoped. I have nothing against fruity or flowery scents - but this soap hits my sensory memory happy spots.
I recommend this soap with enthusiasm." - PennyAnn W

So there you have it! Get your bar of Outlaw's Garage Pumice Soap today OR wait until it comes out in sample form!

Outlaw's Garage Soap: https://liveoutlaw.com/collections/handmade-western-inspired-soap/products/outlaws-garage-handmade-soap

Handmade Soap Samples: https://liveoutlaw.com/products/handmade-soap-sample-set-8-pack-of-our-best-sellers

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