Cold ≠ Terrible

This week, I'm sharing camping stories because we're coming up to an announcement of the next generation of Outlaw wilderness-inspired scents

It wasn't warm, even in the middle of the day. But first thing in the morning? It was hard to want to get out of our sleeping bags... so I didn't. I inchwormed my way over to a nearby log and sat in my cozy sleeping bag while mom made coffee.

We hiked for the rest of the day, keeping our backpacks on our backs as we hiked up and down the trails (and even over a river), even though we'd end up coming back down the hill and camping in the same place:

backpacking and hiking across a bridge

And I guess backpacking is truly about that, for me. It's really about the journey, not the destination.

Yesterday, I talked about how I didn't get to summit Mt. Whitney.

But today, I'm reflecting on my adventures, and it was more fun to just hike.

I like hiking. I like walking across bridges. I like getting to a clearing and smelling the damp earth under the wild grass. I like pumping water through a filter so I don't get giardia. I even like accidentally stepping in a puddle and having to wring my sock out and leave it waggling off the outside of my pack to dry, while I wear mis-matched socks until the next morning.

Because the wilderness is its own reward.

Mountain Inspirations

We've been working on some new scents inspired by the mountains. We discontinued Mountain Hideout earlier this year (but there's still plenty of natural lotion and cologne), but we know it was beloved by many.

Stay tuned for the next generation of wilderness-inspired scents.

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