Can can, can we do the candles?

This year, we have received 20 requests for candles. We know that because we keep outstanding records of what our customers request (so if you want something, go ahead and hit that little help button in the lower right corner and drop us a line). It's a process that has served us outstandingly well (You know our world-famous solid colognes? That was Travis!).

For candles, this bears some explanation...

People have been requesting candles for a really long time, and often. In 2014, we private labeled some candles form Sparklefly Candles (after we tried and failed to make candles ourselves). In 2017, we tried again with some private label candles from another friend.

Both times, the candles sold very poorly due to two factors:

  1. High Price - The cost of the candles was very high, and we had to pass that cost on to our customers.
  2. Poor Marketing Support - The truth is that what we focus on expands, and the second set of candles we got in didn't get the marketing support they really should have had.

We ended up with a lot of house candles for ourselves, and we swore that we'd never make these mistakes again.

But recently, the candle conversation has become too big to dismiss


And who could blame you? Seriously, to have your home smell like a tack shop after a gunfight with Blazing Saddles? Or to surround yourself with the warm, cozy scent of The Gambler? Or to be most in your incendiary element with the explosively awesome scent of Fire in the Hole? (and of course the rest of the scents)

Who wouldn't want that?

We've been talking about candles and how to solve our candle conundrum... we're in the middle of a move, so we can't introduce any new products. Candles are more of a seasonal sensation anyways.

So here's the deal: things are changing with our business. Right now, we're on too turbulent of waters to really consider the candle conundrum. But we're committing to reviewing all the product ideas submitted next month (probably even on our Facebook live page) and we'll seriously consider how we can, can, candle something up for next year!

Thanks for being on this awesome adventure with us!

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