The annual Christmas "I'm sorry we're out of stock" post

Every year around this time, if the year has been very kind to the Outlaws (all of the Outlaws, from us to the recipients of our products as gifts), we run out of products... usually our handmade bar soap or our small batch solid cologne.

This year in particular, we lost power during our busiest production season, so it was especially challenging. We've managed to keep our solid colognes and most of our liquids (our lotion, body wash, spray cologne, and hand wash) in stock, but it was just impossible to make enough handmade bar soap.

To make up for the lack of handmade bar soap, we got some milled soap in our most popular scents (and the milled soap has been mighty popular). But, you know, things like The Wild Life Set and the Rough Rider Western Soap Set are just out of stock.

So, from our little business to you, we appreciate all the enthusiasm and support you have had for us this merry holiday season. We'll get these back in stock just as soon as we are able!

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