Aluminum bottles for body wash and lotion by Outlaw

No one said we had to use aluminum bottles. Heck, they’re a lot more trouble and expense than plastic bottles. We even had to have them custom made (but not custom printed, since that’s way too expensive). But when you own a manufacturing company, you have the opportunity to create impact… either positive or negative.

We sold more than 100,000 bottles of body wash and lotion last year, and that’s 100,000 fewer virgin plastic bottles in people’s garbage.

We didn’t do this because of a business need or because of public outcry, we did it because it’s the right thing to do.

Our industry creates billions of pieces of plastic every year, and an unsettling amount of that ends up in the ocean. Aluminum bottles are more easily recyclable than plastic (and are recycled more often) and even if they manage to end up on the ground or in the ocean, they decay faster than plastic.

This year, we’re working on making the aluminum bottles work even better for you. In the coming months, we’ll be experimenting with bulk refills that you can order and use to refill your body wash bottles (lotion currently poses other problems because it’s luxuriously thick and frustratingly gloppy to pour).

What do you think of the aluminum bottles?
Is reducing plastic important to you?


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I think refills are an awesome be idea. L if you offered a lotion refill,I would find a way to get it the bottle pour into a ziplock bag,squeeze product to a cornor,take the air out,snip the product onto the open bottle like you’d ofe a cake with a piping bag.
Maybe a saddle bag can be made like an icing piping bag.