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Scoutlaws of America presents... MASTER OF DISGUISE Merit Badge

Become a Master of Disguise

Pee Wee Herman knows how it's done!

Law-abiding life got ya down? Tired of the excruciatingly slow build of your Roth IRA? There has never been a better time (except 140 years ago) to embark on the exciting adventures of outlaw life!

We have enlisted the help of our Scoutmaster to write a Merit Series book on Becoming a Master of Disguise.

Once you complete this skill successfully, you'll be able to pass for someone else with absolutely no problems at all. *

It's worth noting that Mother's Day is coming up on SUNDAY, MAY 8th and the Clean Getaway Club makes the absolute perfect Mother's Day gift. It really is the gift that literally (and figuratively) keeps giving.

It says, "Thanks for raisin' me, ma. In case I can't provide for you in your older years, here are some additional skills so you can support yourself."

For a mere $25, you (or whoever you send this to) will receive:

  1. Our merit book
  2. That fancy patch
  3. Several sidekicks so you can change your scent (and not just your appearance)
  4. A mustache that can be configured a number of ways
  5. Artificial teeth
  6. Temporary tattoos
  7. (hopefully - supply willing) An eye patch

Because we have to order the stuff in the box, we're cutting off new subscriptions on 4/15. If you would like the Master of Disguise box, you gotta sign up before then.


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