A Life of Adventure: The Blog Challenge Awakens

Adventures of a professional badass

It has been nearly a month since I wrote in this here blog. I ordinarily keep it pretty updated, but life has really gotten all up in my business in the last few weeks.

It's important to me (and the business) to keep up the blogging, though, so I'm going to get back in here and try to do a 30 day blog challenge starting today.

Since filling 30 days of sequential blogs is no small task, I'm going to take this opportunity to brainstorm some upcoming blog topics. I'll link to the posts as I write them:

  1. Whole thoughts about Whole Foods - We're trying to get into two new regions and need your help. (3/29)
  2. The Autry Museum - We got a wholesale order from The Autry, and it's one of the biggest honors of my life. (3/30)
  3. Grand Soapening and the new store - Our lovely new shop in Colfax, California. (3/31)
  4. How Unicorn Poop is made (4/1)
  5. Bravo Farms - a little roadside attraction x 2, for big fun. (4/2)
  6. Entering our fourth year of business - holy cow. (4/3)
  7. National Parks Series Highlight - Crater Lake. (4/4)
  8. Scoutlaws of America Presents MASTER OF DISGUISE MERIT BADGE (4/5)
  9. Adventures in Arizona! (4/6)
  10. Stories from the Store: Fear the Hills. (4/7)
  11. Photos of our dogs. (4/8)
  12. Colfax: 2,000 people, zero stop lights. (4/9)
  13. Formulating the plan for the trip across the Southwest - The itinerary. (4/10)
  14. Road trip HO! - I just have to be insanely courageous one day every three weeks, and April 11th is that day. (4/11)
  15. Road trip day 2 - Photos, musings, people I met, places I pitched. (4/12)
  16. Road trip day 3 - Photos, musings, pitches. (4/13)
  17. Road trip day 4 - The fear. (probably). (4/14)
  18. Road trip day 5 - Victory. (probably). (4/15)
  19. Road trip day 6 - Returning home. (4/16)
  20. Road trip wrap-up - Reflections and results. (4/17)
  21. Embarking on another 8 Weeks to Badass - A coaching program and community kicks up again. (4/18)
  22. A day in the life of - wait, what was I doing again? (4/19)
  23. What wholesale is for Outlaw Soaps - I have been very transparent about our business, and one of the big parts of our business is wholesale. Here's why. (4/20)
  24. Upcoming experiments in the Outlaw Soap Labs - TOP SECRET plans revealed! (4/21)
  25. Where to buy Outlaw Soaps near you - a run-down of our beloved stores. (4/22)
  26. Visiting Outlaw Soaps in Colfax - yes, really! Come visit! (4/23)
  27. Where and how we come up with our scents - One of our most frequently asked questions. (4/24)
  28. Moving from the Bay Area to the mountains - How this has all been for us. (4/25)
  29. End of the 30 day blog challenge - Reflections, take-aways. (4/26)

 And that'll be it! That all seems pretty darn do-able, right?

I mean, yes, it's ambitious. But I have faith and I bet you do too.

Let's do this thing.

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