A Heist to Remember: The Scoutlaws Clean Getaway Subscription Box

A heist to remember subscription boxThis month, our Scoutlaws of America Clean Getaway Box was all about how to pull off the perfect HEIST.

The box was, of course, close to my heart. It's all about heists in general and one type of heist in particular: The Train Heist.

Not only did it include a very thorough informational booklet, it also included a heist-inspired soap (smelled like gunpowder, smoke, and leather), a real pocket watch, a red bandana (to conceal your identity!), and a merit badge to show off that you indeed completed the heist merit badge training (honor system). 

The subscription boxes are some of my favorite things to put together, because they're like mini subsidized care packages that I get to send to our regular customers (many of whom I have had enough interactions to form actual friendships).

One of my other favorite things about the new subscription boxes is being able to work with a professional writer to make the booklets (saves me having to throw them together at the last minute) and work with my friend who regularly kicks ass and takes names at patchmaking.

In past boxes, we have collaborated with artists, engravers, and candleologists. It's really a fun project to put together.

To read about how your orders support other small businesses, you can check out my blog post on the topic.

 Here are some photos from the most recent subscription box:

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