"I ordered the Whiskey Gift Set for my husband's birthday. For some reason the Post Office wasn't able to deliver it, and when I got in touch with the company to ask about what I should do Danielle responded almost right away. Before I knew it, another package was in the mail and it got to us in time. All of the extras - like the handwritten note, bumper sticker, even that weird little plastic goat - were so cute! He loved the soap and I love how helpful you were. I will definitely recommend you to others." - Elizabeth

"Our son picked out the Leather & Sandalwood Shaving Kit online and sent us Outlaw Soaps web address. Within minutes of placing our order, we received an email asking us if we wanted to send a message along with our order since they noticed that we live in Minnesota and the items were being sent to Hawaii. Was I ever impressed! Since our son is serving in the Navy, it was so nice to be able to send a personalized note with his gift! He received the package within 3 days- fast! And he has raved about every item! Thanks so much, Outlaw Soaps, for not only delivering an outstanding product so quickly, but for giving outstanding customer service as well!" - Shelley

"I can honestly say I've never received such a high-standard of customer service. Not only was the product beautifully (and humorously) packaged, but the personal and thoughtful addition of a hand-written note was far beyond anything I have come to expect, or have ever received!

Outlaw Soaps will be my first port-of-call for all future gift shopping... and possibly some personal shopping as well. My profound thanks to them!" - Jack

We really try hard to exceed expectations for customer service by doing things like including personal notes, offering "no questions asked, no returns required" refunds for regular customers who don't like a product, and tracking down (and sometimes replacing, if it's gone for good) packages that go astray in the USPS system.

handmade soap waiting to ship out

This is just who we are and how we roll. It's part of our "be the change you want to see in the world" philosophy.

And the only reason our efforts are even remotely successful is because you, the customer, are patient and understanding. You're quick to assume the best and slow to freak the frick out.

I have received such feedback as "Hey, it's ok. It's what we expect when we buy from small businesses."

When I first read that, I recoiled in horror... I want to be better at everything than Amazon or Wal-Mart. I don't want you to have to put up with inconvenience or delays just because you made the decision to shop with a small business.

But then I realized that is the gift you as a customer give to us.

It's the reason we can be in business. Because no matter how much we want to be like the big box stores, we're just two people. It's a good goal, but one we will fail at from time to time.

And you know that. And you are ok with that.

Thank you so much for being patient and supporting two small business owners working our tails off. :)

As I'm sure you noticed from the huge banner at the top of the site, we're experiencing some uncustomary delays in shipment due to an announcement on the newsletter that resulted in a 10x+ increase in orders in one day. If you missed the announcement, you should go sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss the next one.

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Randall G Nuttle

Seems like every order I have placed lately has gone in to a giant sucking black hole wrom which it won’t emerge until I bitch. I don’t like to bitch I love your company absolutely love your products. But 10 days to get an order out? And the last one was on the 20 day order of things. That’s why I canceled my subscriptions, seriously thinking about finding a nother source…