| by Danielle Vincent

DIY Display (or, rather, DIO - do it ourselves)

As I mentioned in my post from the day before yesterday, we've learned many skills on this job... today's new skill was building a retail display for the Whole Foods Market in Campbell.

We had been chatting about what kind of display might be right for their Whole Body store, and decided that some gunpowder barrels and crates of dynamite might be, well, ... dynamite.

They've been very patient while we figured ourselves out. I'm glad they understand that we're just a small potatoes operation.

A couple weeks ago, I got a source on some amazing wine barrels for only $60 each (usually, they're lots more). I drove up to Napa and picked them up right away, because, hey! Wine barrels!

Today, I did some fancy stencil work on the barrels and some crates, which you can check out here:

Here's the process:


And that's how we roll around Outlaw Soaps!

Have any good leads on more barrels?

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