handmade soapWhen we got back from Renegade LA, something clicked in my head that made me go on a frenzied organizational push. I walked into my fulfillment room and knew everything had to be re-arranged.

Since the dawn of the business, I have been collecting little odds and ends for subscription boxes, for gift sets, and just because some of them look cool. This has left me with shelves stuffed with little bric-a-brack, which have become so numerous that they literally started falling off their storage and onto the floor.

Not ok.

So yesterday, I pulled everything off of the shelves, made a bunch of storage bins, ordered an electronic labeler and a metric fuckton of label tape, and went to work re-binning everything.

And I was left with a sizable pile of stuff I wasn't quite sure what to do with.

This stuff cost money when I ordered it, but it's just sitting around here and isn't worth the hours it would take to add to the site, so I decided to just give the stuff away.

While it lasts, you can expect to get some extras shoved in your order box... it's all stuff like shot glasses, little skulls, nail brushes, buttons, etc.

What would you do with all this stuff? If you're another business owner, does this happen to you or am I the only hoarder?

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