| by Danielle Vincent

Handmade Lotion Stick-Ups: discontinuing shorties, reducing the price of tallboys

one size to rule them all

As I'm sure you know by now, we're always trying to make our products better and more affordable, without compromising quality.

I love our stick-ups so much that I keep two in my purse at all times. They don't ever leak, they absorb quickly, and they smell fucking amazing.

Our stick-ups are made by my friend in Brush Prairie, Wa (Lo-Lo BarMaids) with our scent blends, and then packaged by us here in our home in the Bay Area. When she let me know that the packaging for the shorties was actually more expensive than the packaging for the tallboys, I wasn't sure what to do... I mean, it doesn't make sense to charge less for the tallboys, since they're a whopping 2 oz.

I shelved the decision until I saw how they sold.

People love the lotions. And people love it when I upgrade them to the tallboys for free... so I decided to go ahead and discontinue the shorties (stock storage is very limited) and price the tallboys at $15.

This is all a long way of saying that while supplies last, the shorties are on sale for $12 each and the tallboys are all repriced to be $15.


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