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Roxanne asked, "I have a hard time naming pets. How do you come up with product and subscription box names?"

This question comes up a lot - how do we come up with names that are so fun and on-brand, when naming stuff is really hard?

The answer: Russ's head.

Amazingly, Russ just has a gift for this stuff. Unless he gets stuck (which happens infrequently), he just spouts off the first thing that he thinks of and we go with that. Sometimes it takes him a few days or re-askings. Sometimes I don't think the name is going to work for whatever reason (for example, I was worried about copyright issues with Blazing Saddles, until I realized there was very little likelihood of confusion).

But usually, we just open up his brain and pick the first thing we find.

At first, we used to ask the community to weigh in on names. That's how we confirmed that "Fire in the Hole" was the right name for our campfire soap. Our friends and I have a little camping group, and when someone puts something particularly explosive in the fire, we yell "fire in the hole!" to alert people who may be standing within explosion distance that they should perhaps step (or run) away from the fire.

So yeah, we kind of have a secret weapon. :)

Now, dog naming is a totally different story... we've had the little puppy since Saturday and have been discussing her name since last week, and we're still not sure what to call her. Cheyenne? Biscuit? Taquito? Elizabeth Tyler Derden?

What do you think?

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