There's a longer story here, but the short version is that we got a puppy yesterday and now we have a lot of puppy photos.

This is Cheyenne (name pending):

Chihuahua Dachshund mix chihuweenie

She is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix and we adopted her from the Hopalong Animal Rescue yesterday.

We already have a dog (whom you probably know of), Roxy:

Roxy is the apple of my eye, so getting another dog is kinda scary. I would not want Roxy to ever feel like our getting another dog was a threat to her.

But some things can't be helped when getting a new dog. So Roxy has had to put the smack down on Cheyenne a few times.

It's hard for me to remember that this is important and natural to dogs, despite it being very hard for me as mom-type to watch. If we don't let the dogs establish their own hierarchy, we'll face a lot of other potentially more serious problems later.

So yesterday was kind of rough, and I imagine today is also going to be kind of rough (though I put Cheyenne in her crate a little while ago so I could write). If you have any recommendations about this besides just, "well, yeah, that's kind of how these things are at first," I'd love to hear 'em.

But because puppies are hella cute, I have a lot of puppy photos. And I know that's what you're here for, so here they are...

Here's us when we first met her at the Jack of All Trades market last weekend. Carol, from Hopalong, was there with Cheyenne hoping to find potential adopters (ahem, that would be US).

Here's her in my friend Arlette's cowboy hat:

Here's me being all "OMG I AM IN LOVE," while Cheyenne is giving me the "I found a sucker" look:

Here's Russ being all in love:

Here's Cheyenne with a toy that is way too big for her (she is very small -- only 8 lbs):

Here's Cheyenne getting sleepy on Dad's lap:

Here's Roxy and Cheyenne finally getting along a little:

Here's little Cheyenne with the tiny pig toy we got her:

(don't you just want to smooch that little face?)

Cheyenne wore out Roxy, and it looks like they're going to get along just fine...

And finally, here are the two dogs, coming together on a mom lap (the ultimate peacemaker):

(yeah, Roxy is looking away and seems to pretty much have the opinion that if she doesn't look at Cheyenne, things are much better, but I am confident they'll get along soon)


Do you have more than one dog? How do they get along? How did you get them to get along?

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