UPDATE: Thanks to the feedback of several dedicated and insightful customers, we have decided that EVERYONE can be an outlaw and we can't break it down into genders. Instead, we are going to continue to push the envelope of good scents (and sense) with our daring combos... some sweet, some spicy, some savory, and all FANTASTIC handmade soaps. Stay tuned for some more limited edition soaps! 

As you may or may not know, we pride ourselves on being a very democratic company. We listen to you, the customer, when you ask us to make things (coming soon: solid cologne and shower gel) and we discontinue things that don't sell very well (lavender, bunkhouse).

Russ and I were talking about women yesterday, and thought maybe venturing into a more feminine direction for a couple handmade soaps might be of interest to our customers.

We hesitate, though, because the feminine scents have not traditionally done very well in terms of sales (lavender, bunkhouse). Is that because our soaps aren't what women want? Is our marketing off? Is our soap design not right?

What could we do to appeal to cowgirls?

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Do you happen to have calamity Jane as a perfume/ cologne? I want to smell like that every day.