Yesterday was one hell of a buckin' bronc of a soap making ride! Thank heavens the CEO/Wife works within screaming distance of the COO/Husband in the soap shop.

I was in the process of making five batches (190 bars) of everyone's all time favorite, Hair of the Dog Whiskey Soap, when things started getting nasty.

The scents used to make Hair of the Dog are a combination of what turns out to be a wild and reactive bunch... sort of the not-so-OK-corral of scents when mixed with oils and lye. Usually a batch of soap is mixed to the consistency of a thin milkshake and then easily poured into the molds and swirled around to make 'em look purty. For some reason, Hair of the Dog can be ornery and start "seizing" while being mixed.

I've been able to wrangle this wild horse of a soap the last few times but not yesterday. It started to seize much faster than usual and turn into a blam-jam cow patty that was on it's way to turning into a bucket sized brick!

So, I hollered for my pardner to help out. She came a runnin' in, prolly expecting to see me covered in lye or worse. Poor thing had to start grabbin spatulas and stirrers with only a towel between her and certain death.

But, thanks to her quick draw, we were able to get the mix into the molds with minimal carnage. I was purty sure the whole kit and kaboodle was gonna be a loss. That's a lot of expensive oils and scents to be losin' especially when our poor ol' bank account is looking about as empty as a cat-house on Easter Sunday.

But, when I broke open the molds and sliced up the soap this morning, it turned out that dang ol' soap weren't so bad after all and I'd say we only lost about 10-15% of it. Sheee-it if that ain't a relief!

Thanks to Danielle Vincent's hustlin', our fellow Outlaws will be able to keep purchasin' this kick ass soap called Hair of the Dog.

Yee Hawww!

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