Our Clean Getaway Subscription Boxes for March just went out yesterday, but already we're excitedly planning our next one: May 2015.

May's Featured Outlaw is Wild Bill Hickok.

He was born on May 27, 1837 and found his grave in Deadwood (we're watching the show now, and it's a very favorable account of him).

We're working out the details of what will be included in the May box, but we're very excited to be making a custom set of 1870s playing cards. Hickok was an avid poker player, so I hope to see y'all playing some excellent hands of poker with these.

On March 15, the subscription box price will be going up from $20 to $25/box.

Anyone who subscribes before March 15 will be locked in at the $20/mo price, so if you are considering doing it, you should definitely do it now.

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