How did you hear about Outlaw Soaps?


Which of our products is your favorite?

newest fav is the spray!

Where were you born and what was your favorite thing about that place?

Salinas, Ca.... the lettuce bowl of the world!

How many places have you lived?


If you could pick anything to do and be absolutely assured financial security, but you had to commit to doing it for five years, what would it be and why?

I'd love to spend all my time crafting and sewing, and maybe getting the guts up to finally sell some stuff

What is something that you have done at any point in your life that you think is interesting and you'd like to tell people about?

Sewing. Taught myself to sew and LOVE it. A dying skill in our modern society, however there's nothing like snuggling or napping under something you made with your own hands.

What do you like about Outlaw Soaps?

That Danielle is following her dream. That it is all handmade. That it smells wonderful. That it's made by real humans

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