excuse me while I whip this out flaskIn case you haven't been obsessively following our Facebook page, you might have missed this FINE product announcement: we are making a very limited edition "Excuse me while I whip this out" flask. Click to tweet a link to this! Paired with the Super Slick Single Soap Subscription Service (or whatever totally unreadable thing I decided to call it) with Blazing Saddles (the sexiest soap ever), you can get your Blazing Saddles fix all over the place! It's the perfect gift for someone who loves that movie very much (and we all know someone)... or you, because YOU love that movie very much too. Right now, the only way to be 100% sure you get said flask is to sign up for the subscription service. We expect that it's going to be a hella hot item, so we decided to give preference to those people willing to make the commitment to live the Blazing Saddles lifestyle.

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Teri L Horn

Just a reminder, I want one or 2!!!!!